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We’re all giving up a lot in quarantine


  • Can I order for delivery same day?

    • Benny's Bagels are hand crafted and require 48 hours prior to enjoying!

  • Do you have a store front?

    • Right now, we are not a brick and mortar store, hoping to expand shortly!​

  • What are your hours?

    • Monday: 1pm-6pm

    • Tuesday: CLOSED

    • Wednesday: 1pm-6pm

    • Thursday: CLOSED

    • Friday: 1pm-6pm

    • Saturday: CLOSED

    • Sunday: 1pm-6pm

  • How do I order?

    • ​First, check out our menu page.  Choose your bagels then create and place your order through the website!

    • ​*Benny's Bagels are handcrafted and take time - bagels will be ready for delivery 48 hours after ordering. Choose your time slot for pick up on the calendar.

  • How do I pay?

    • Pay via credit card on site, or cash on arrival. ​

  • Do you make allergen free bagels?

    • Bagels are nut free but baked in a kitchen where nuts and other allergens are present.

  • Are Benny's Bagels vegan?

    • Yes. Benny's bagels (cheese bagels not included) ​are vegan! Bagels with a "V" on the menu are all vegan, made with chia seed wash.

  • Can I freeze the bagels?​

    • Absolutely! Benny's Bagels are delicious from the freezer! We suggest microwaving and or toasting to enjoy.​ Bagels are conveniently packaged individually in biodegradable, compostable packaging, perfect for freezing.

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